Forest Summer


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Forest Summer is the 1st book in the Forest Adventures series.  Sisters Niki (10), Beth (8) and Lolly (nearly 6) are so excited to be spending the whole summer holidays with their Grandparents and Aunty Anna in the New Forest for the first time.

They can’t wait to ride their aunt’s ponies out on the Forest, and Anna has also promised to teach them gymkhana games so they can enter a Children’s Show.  First, Niki has to learn how to stop Bracken and young Beth has to stop falling off!  Can Anna lead Lolly fast enough in the lead rein classes? Will they ever be good enough at the jumping and games to win?

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They ran. puffing, up the hill as they spoke.  Anna had already finished and was walking Summer around to cool down as she waited for them.

‘The commentator said you went clear,’ Beth danced around. ‘Gosh, she is fast, isn’t she. You looked fantastic. That was so exciting.’

Anna made sure Summer was happily eating her haynet before she changed out of her damp clothes. As they sat on the rug eating their picnic Anna told her enthralled nieces about her ride on the cross country course. 

‘I saw the horse before us refuse to go so I kept Summer away from the start box until it was time for us to go.  Then we trotted into the box and set off at a canter.  I had to hold her steady for the first jump as she didn’t really settle until the top of the hill.  After that I just had to point her at the jumps and she did the rest.’

‘Did you see us at the water jump?’ Beth asked.

‘Yes, I hope you didn’t get too wet.  Then she galloped up the hill like the wind, and took on the ‘hole in the hedge’ which arched over our heads.  We had great fun.’  Anna sighed happily, before jumping up.

‘Right. Who’s coming with me to look at the scores?’

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