Forest Rescue


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Forest Rescue is the 3rd book in the Forest Adventures series.  The Easter holidays have been busy, with a beach ride, an Easter egg
hunt, and so much more fun that sisters Niki, Beth and Lolly feel
they’ve hardly had time to say hello to their much loved ponies in the
New Forest before it is time to leave their grandparents to go back home
and to school.

But at last half term comes, even though Niki is
reluctant and unhappy.  She doesn’t even want to ride her beloved
Bracken.  What can be the matter?  Will Bracken be able to help her and
how will Granny solve the problem?  And what does Niki do that gets her
name in the newspapers and on television?

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‘I don’t want to ride.  Go away and leave me alone.’ Niki snapped, burrowing under her duvet.

Anna rode Summer down the lane, followed by Beth and Lolly on their ponies.  Bracken didn’t like being left behind and started kicking the stable door. He began neighing louder and louder.  Niki heard the noise through the window, clenching her fists, trying to ignore him.  At last she leaped to her feet, found her shoes and flung out of the door.

‘All right, all right.  I’m coming,’ she muttered crossly.

Bracken was rolling his eyes and snorting as he paced around the stable, kicking the door and shaking his head.  Niki was worried that he would hurt himself.

‘Calm down, I’ve some carrots for you,’ Niki said, letting herself into the stable with him.  Sliding her arms around his neck she buried her head into his mane.

‘I’m sorry,  Bracken, it’s not your fault,’ she sobbed. ‘Those horrid girls at school are really nasty to me. I don’t know why and no one stops them. I hate my life.  I want to die.’ she cried.

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