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Forest Festivities is the 2nd book in the Forest Adventures series.  Christmas is coming and sisters Niki(11), Beth (8) and Lolly (6) know that, despite the weather, they will have lots of fun with their ponies when they visit their Grandparents in the New Forest.  Aunty Anna needs help putting together music for her dressage competition; Niki is looking forward to the Christmas jumping show, Lolly is desperate to come off the hated lead rein and Beth could be in for a lovely surprise.  This year they will attend the traditional Boxing Day Point to Point which they know is unique to the New Forest, and there is even a mounted Christmas carol service.  They can’t wait! 

Then there is just the winter term to endure before Easter with the promise of meeting up with their friends again for Pony Club activities and Aunty Anna has promised ice creams all round if she’s successful at her one day event.

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‘I don’t know this part of the Forest so please don’t leave me behind,’ Niki called as she caught up with Dan.

Bracken was sure footed over the rough muddy ground.   Every so often they saw other stewards walking with fallen riders or leading ponies.  Niki heard holloering behind and turned in time to see a couple of riders galloping flat out, jumping puddles and bushes, shouting to each other as they came.

‘They’re brothers who hate loosing to each other.  Their sister beat them once and neither of them would speak to her for months.’ Dan explained.

Niki was amazed to see the massive crowd crowded around the finish line, cheering and shouting the riders home. 

‘Let’s canter up to the finish, we might even get a few cheers ourselves.’   The ponies didn’t need asking twice, and broke into a lively canter, popping in a few happy bucks making the onlookers laugh.

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