ForgetMe Not Crafts

Sept 2019 – Forget Me Not Crafts

Andrea from Forget Me Not Crafts started card making properly in 2016. She could no longer work due to having MS and wanted to be creative with her time.

Andrea picks up her story.

I had made all the notices, place settings and table planner for my wedding and got so many compliments that thought I’d give card making a go!

I started very small, with limited supplies and made some cards; they weren’t great!

I used Pinterest to get ideas and then I discovered YouTube. There are some amazing card makers on there and I got loads of information on techniques and presentation. I was so inspired to try something a little different that my craft stash grew overnight. Most of my stamp sets are from the US and therefore I try to make my cards a little bit different and unique. I spend hours researching and then making cards and a lot don’t make the grade as I strive to make them perfect.

My favourite card designs are the box cards and picture/scene cards as I get lost in the process. I really enjoy ink blending, watercolours, and stamp colouring.

I really love doing craft fairs as I enjoy seeing all the other fantastic talent around. I didn’t get into making cards to make money (because I really don’t) but to share my love of crafts with others. I do have an amazing support system in my family and especially my Mum who is my right hand woman! My Mum sticks on stickers, stuffs envelopes and all the other bits that go into presenting a card. Her favourite job is to put ‘bling and sparkle’ on a card when I let her. Mum also comes to all my craft fairs and makes the best cups of tea and coffee I know.

I will continue to do what I love for as long as I can, as for me creating is best therapy and I love it.

Get to Andrea’s shop here //

We think Forget Me Not Crafts cards are lovely and hope you do too.

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