November 2019 Featured Vendor

Jewellery by Gem

This months’ feature vendor is Gemma Quarendon

She has had a shop at our markets and of course has her shop here on the marketplace. Her delicate, beautiful designs are individual and completely unique. We are so pleased to be able to show our appreciation for Gemma’s Jewellery.

Gemma tells us where it all started…

“I’ve always had an interest in jewellery making.  As a youngster I used to make earrings using beads and brooches from fimo clay.  I then progressed to try silversmithing at several evening classes.  But then life got in the way and things paused.  Just over a year ago I was keen to start again so started searching jewellery courses – and I came across silver clay. 

I had no idea what it was but investigated further and thought it would be fun to try.  I took a 1-day course in the New Forest, came home with a pendant and earrings that I actually liked, and I was hooked!  It’s much more accessible than silversmithing as you need very little equipment to start – some silver clay, a blowtorch (one you might use for crème brulee), some textured wall paper samples, a plastic rolling pin and some small cookie cutters and that is pretty much all you need to get going.  But of-course there is lots you can buy (which is part of the fun of a craft isn’t it!).  I also like the fact that you can dip in as and when you have a few minutes – you don’t need to set aside hours.  The clay, once opened, starts to dry out within 10 minutes so you have a finite time to really get the start of something done before you need to wrap up any unused clay and potentially re-moisten with water.  And when a design is complete it needs to dry fully before you can refine, add any more to it and then fire.

I’ve recently completed a diploma in silver clay which was a very intense 3 full days of silver clay making where every aspect of your making was assessed.  But soo satisfying to have completed and passed!

I’m also currently studying on a monthly online course which teaches me new techniques each month.  As part of the course, there is a Facebook group where we can ask questions and show how we are getting on.  It’s a really friendly place and a great way to learn.  In fact, the silver clay community is so friendly and helpful. 

My designs tend to be quite adhoc.  I have some lovely textures (bought ones!) that give me inspiration.  Nature is a great place for inspiration, but then sometimes I might have created a random textured shape, but it then takes me a while to figure out what then to do with it – so pretty random”!

So all in all Gemma is working really hard to create beautiful natural styles, that even the toughest critics of us all would love!

Pop to Gemma’s shop and see for yourself 🙂

Kate and Kerri

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