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Mica’s first memory is of a whiskery nose breathing into her face. Her mother said she was crying in her pram in the orchard, when an old pony ambled over and stuck his head into the pram, whereupon she stopped crying. Her love of horses grew from that day and when the family moved to the New Forest, she was delighted to discover a riding school just a short walk away from their farm.

Her parents afforded riding lessons by bartering loads of hay with the riding school, where she spent every spare moment helping to muck out, clean tack and groom the ponies. But Mica really wanted her own pony and nagged her parents until her beleaguered father eventually told her she couldn’t possibly have one until she was 11. Naturally Mica turned this to her advantage, saying that Daddy had agreed she could have a pony by her eleventh birthday! Her much longed for New Forest mare was lonely so was quickly joined by another and suddenly there were three; the second mare was straight off the forest and in foal.

She and her friends had the most wonderful time with their ponies riding across the New Forest and learning its ways.

Since then Mica’s life has revolved around horses – through her teen years, then teaching her pony mad daughter, and now her granddaughters have all caught the bug. Raising a family, sailing, reading, writing and travelling are subordinate interests.

This series of books, aimed at 8 – 14 year old readers, follow the adventures of three sisters riding their ponies in the New Forest.
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