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Unique and colourful.

Rosimorosi is a UK based surface pattern design and illustration studio founded by Claire Morosi. Claire’s work has been described as quirky, intricate and multi-layered. She uses her own method of digitally merging sketches, doodles, pattern and hand-drawn textures to achieve rich colour, interesting textures and depth. Artwork is playful and vibrant often featuring floral motifs, animals and birds together with abstract elements.

Rosimorosi offers a range of products featuring her artwork and patterns – greetings cards, prints, lampshades, coasters and more recently she has introduced her range of wearable art products produced using the sublimation printing method so that the patterns are fused into the aluminium – aluminium cuff bracelets, arc necklaces and earrings. New for Christmas 2023 are bone china mugs.

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