Feature Maker – Kate Smith

Hi, my name is Kate Smith and I love to carve lino to make handmade prints. I’m writing my first blog here to tell you a little about myself and the art I make. 

In 2018 I was having serious problems with my mental health. I returned to a long lost but life-long passion of making art. If I’m completely honest I don’t know why I turned to lino printing but as soon as I started I couldn’t stop.

The process of carving lino is so relaxing to me. I put on some chilled music, sit down at my desk and lay out everything I need. Then time just seems to slow down for a while. I lose myself in every cut, chip and carve. I try to share these moments by making videos and uploading them to social media for others to watch. It truly is an art form I get lost in and there’s always a tiny piece of me that’s a little sad when a block is complete. I think that’s what drives me to continue to make.  

I’m a self taught artist. I took a few classes but most of what I know has been learnt through trial and error. Each print or collection is therefore a reflection of my evolution as a printmaker. I enjoy trying different techniques and experimenting with colour and texture so my overall collection is rather eclectic. My first print was my ‘Squirrels’ piece. It is a reflection of overcoming my battle with depression, so has become a part of my logo. 

I’ve always been inspired by nature. Now I live in the New Forest, I am fascinated by its rich diversity, history and folklore. I am currently working on a collection that will reflect the history of our curiosity around funghi and the New Forests’ status as a Special Site of Scientific Interest because of the broad variety found here.

I sell my prints at markets through South Central Makers, in Chalk’s Gallery in Lymington and online at www.katesmithprints.co.uk.