Creating Great Product Photos

The Art of Creating Great Product Photos.

We all know Creating Great Product Photos is important, but just how do we do that?

Most of us learn by our mistakes, some have the background training, but all of us build on what we know and make improvements as we go based on what works with our product.

Never be afraid of starting again, it’s all part of the learning journey.

Creating Great Photos is an art in itself. When I started taking photos, I felt really despondent because my photos didn’t do justice to my products and people would bypass my photos online as they didn’t appeal.

Taking a little time to come up with layouts, props and style means the difference between average photos and really great photos. It means the difference between a customer wanting your product and a customer bypassing your product and going with the next persons.

It enables the customer to see their potential buy in really good quality as they cannot touch and feel it as they would in a physical shop.

Brightness tip

Even if you prefer to have a darker style photo’s, they still need to be crisp, clear and clean. Even dark photos can look bright.

Light boxes are great if you don’t have natural light in your home or studio, but if you do have good natural light, take advantage of it.

Natural light always creates the most natural shots. Ensure you have the correct exposure through your phone so that the composition is set up properly.

Props and backgrounds tip

Creating Great Product Photos is all about the whole set up. You’ll need to create a design, have props if necessary and have the right background.

It also creates appeal if you choose a theme or style which matches your business logo. Using colour or styles. This creates a strong brand which your customers will remember.

Use simple props if you prefer to use any, don’t over complicate what you are trying to convey. Make sure your product is centre of attention.

Don’t add filters or over edit the photos, because if you get them right in the right light, filters should not be needed.

Other great tips can be found online- a page I found here, has some great advise //

Choosing your style

Creating Great Product Photos is also about creating your style.

If you don’t know your style, play around with photos until you come up with something that fits. Creating your style will set you off on a journey with your handmade products/Art that will take you from the average social media account, the average shop, to the super hero of accounts/shops.

Lastly, enjoy it. Taking great photos can be fun, it can be rewarding and when you hear the words for the first time “I love your photo style” you can pat yourself on the back with pride.

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