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Terms and Conditions

There aren’t many but they are important for our community to thrive well.
I hope you all feel welcome and able to contact us should you have any queries; we will try to accommodate/help as best we can.


1. Romsey Market – Please allow plenty of time for set up and have appropriate weights for windy conditions – 15kg weights are recommended – double up on windier days. If you have fillable weights, please fill with wet sand not water as this guarantees the weight. The care of your gazebo during the market from set-up to pack-down is entirely down to the owner of the gazebo, SCM bear no responsibility for any breakages/damage which may occur during the market.
2. Romsey markets – If you are in the Cornmarket- please park your car off the main road into the Cornmarket to drop off your gazebo and products, then park in the nearest car park. Please don’t block others and be aware of pedestrians at all times.
3. Payments/bookings: We request that payment is made at time of booking, or no later than 10 days before the market – we cannot guarantee your space after this as we often have makers on a waiting list. Last minute bookings – please pay on receipt of invoice.
4. Payment Options: Unless otherwise agreed in writing and in advance, all payments to be made via Bank Transfer payment
5. Allocations of spaces: Allocation of space at the venues is at the sole discretion of the organisers. As there can be limited space, we will aim to create a balanced selection of goods to sell so that we are not filling the space with too many makers of one type.
6. Space sharing: Sharing is allowed, however, please email to ask so that we can make sure that we continue to have a balanced selection of makes at the markets.
7. Cancellation: You must give plenty of notice if you no longer require your space (at least 10 days) so that we can allocate it to the next available maker. If you cancel prior to 10 days before the market and have already paid, we are happy to carry over your booking – (you can manage this in ‘My Account’ section on the website), but it must be used within 3 months of the date of booking – no refunds will be issued if you do not take your cancellation within the 3 months. If you cancel 10 days or less, please see point 8.
8. Refunds: If you cancel 10 days or less before the event, unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds or carry overs, as all costs must be covered.
9. Refunds (minus admin fees) will be issued in extreme weather if a carry over is not required.
10. Right of refusal: We reserve the right at our discretion and without any reason to refuse or cancel any application and as such we will refund in these circumstances.
11. Items to sell: We only accept handmade, homemade, eco, sustainable, recycled/upcycled, vintage goods at our Markets- if we see any item which is manufactured elsewhere/mass produced, we have the right to remove those items from your table. We ask that any electrical products sold are safe and properly maintained (note that we do not accept responsibility for faults found with any items sold by individual traders, that responsibility lies solely with the trader. All electrical items must be pat tested before they can be sold https://www.pat-testing-training.net/articles/making-and-selling-lamps.php
12. Restricted sales: All goods on sale must comply with national and local laws and regulations with regards to restricted items. Examples of restricted items include weapons, drugs, tobacco, alcohol and knives.
13. We will not accept the sale of any UK banned items- IVORY, any item sourced from poached or trafficked animals.
14. Set up and pack down: Arrival from around 7.15am Romsey and no later than 8.30am to allow ample time for set up – Take down is from 3pm not sooner. Stockbridge arrive no earlier than 8.15am and tear down 4pm not sooner. Bishop’s Waltham – arrive no ealier than 8.30am and tear down no earlier than 4pm.
15. Sunday is FREE parking in Romsey, Stockbridge has FREE parking, Bishop’s Waltham has a private car-park at the venue which is £1.50 per day.
16. Displays: Walkways must be kept clear to enable access to all.
18. Insurance: it is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate public liability insurance – once you are registered with us, you can attach a copy in your account section or add it to your first booking. Please remember to upload new copies when you receive them.
19. Courtesy and competition– We are a friendly community and as such ask that you are always courteous to your fellow traders. Competing is not something which is in our ethos. If we see any table holders obviously competing for customers, we reserve the right to stop you booking in future.
20. Extra notes regarding gazebos (Romsey only)  –  In windy conditions, it may be necessary to remove one or two sides of your gazebos to avoid gazebos being lifted up. We will be on hand to make decisions as weather changes or winds increase.
21. Please note – you need adequate weights on all four legs. If you do not have adequate weights and it is above 15/20 miles per hour, we may ask you to take down your gazebo and leave site. If it is raining and windy above 15/20 miles per hour and you don’t have adequate weights, we have the right to ask you to pack up. This is for your safety and that of others.
22. Each brand new trader with us will have one trial market – this is to allow us and you to decide if our markets are the right fit, if we feel that you are not the right fit or changes to your table set-up need to be made in order to continue with us, we will liaise with you after that first market. If you feel that our markets are not right for you, please do let us know why so that we can continue to make improvements and changes, so that all traders are happy to sell with SCM. 
23. Looking after our environment is really important to us; we ask that you consider your eco-obligations in as many ways as you can. Aim to recycle where you can, bring your own drinks cups, offer paper bags, no single use plastic bags, hopefully most customers will have their own bags for life. If you make cards or pictures, there are lots of bio-degradable alternatives widely available to plastic protective bags – however, we understand that this can take time to replace if you have lots already in use. There are many ways you can help the environment, please do let us know what you are doing to help.
23. Complaints– If you have any complaints, please chat with us first, we do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs and would rather you talk through any problems you have with us. (Sometimes an issue can become bigger than it needs to be if it is not discussed at the time) However; if you need to put something in writing please do so, by emailing us at [email protected]. We will aim to reply to all emails within 24hrs.