Suzanne Ball Jewellery

Suzanne Ball Jewellery has had her store with us for a while now and we are blown away by the talent she has. Her designs are extraordinary and stunning – we think that purchasing an item from Suzanne will be something you would not regret. Jewellery you can keep for ever!

Here Suzanne tells us a little about herself:

“My name is Suzanne Ball and I live just outside the Village of Whiteparish on the edge of the New Forest with my husband, two children, dog, chickens, and miniature Shetland pony.  In the last 3 years I’ve been lucky enough to create myself a little bolt-hole above the garage in which I have set up my silversmithing workshop. 

I was a Pilates teacher for 11 years, but a series of family challenges, bereavements and a child with a genetic disorder took their toll and I was forced to take proper care of my (and my families) mental health and quit teaching.

It was during this break in my career that I found a little time to reconnect with my creative side and explore a lifelong interest in Silversmithing. 

It started out as a stress-relieving hobby but I quickly found myself making far more than I could possibly wear!  I still find the idea that someone might like to buy something I have made really amazing and I can honestly say that I still get really excited every time I make a sale”!

We strongly believe that being creative is a vital medicine for so many things and to turn that creativity into a business is something that many of us have done and we are all emotionally richer for it. The creative community is such a wonderful place to be and we hope Suzanne stays with us along the journey as we absolutely adore her jewellery.

Kate and Kerri xx

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