Studio 4ty3

One of our regular traders and online shop owner Kathryn Morely talks here about how she got started silversmithing and why. Kathryn’s jewellery is so unique and if you love our great southern coastline, particularly the Jurassic coast (as we do) then you will love this jewellery.


I first learned silver smithing at a festival called Greenbelt back in 2001. It was a class to make a silver ring. I really enjoyed the session I did so took the opportunity to go back in the evening to ‘freestyle’ – apply what I’d learned to try and make different things. At that point I didn’t take it any further, but the following year I went back to the festival and spent so long there that the owner of the craft tent joked that I’d better come and work for him the following year, which I did. In the meantime I had bought my own basic silver smithing ‘kit’. Tools of the trade. 

I got into casting because I wanted an ammonite pendant but couldn’t find one. I spoke with someone who did casting and we went through the process. I was hooked, so then continued to make moulds to cast a few different different items. I’ve always had some help with the casting as it can be quite dangerous!

At first I sold to friends and family who commented that they liked my jewellery and asked if they could buy some. It was really just a hobby at first. 

I left teaching in 2019. It was a better decision for my mental health as I could set my own timetable. I moved back home from London and converted two thirds of the garage into a studio. 

The name Studio4ty3 happened because I couldn’t instagram under Studio43 (that name was already taken).

I wanted a name that didn’t just link with the silver work but could be equally relevant to textiles, and the other artwork that I do.

The 43 bit is because I collect the number. It started as a joke as students way back in the late 1990s, but just seemed appropriate!

The creative outlet I have is really important for me as it helps me cope better with my bipolar diagnosis. 

Kathryn has found a beautiful creative life in light of a change of career and a bipolar diagnosis. Creativity is vital for the mental health and it is truly wonderful that she has been able to take that one step further and sell what she creates.

Come and see her Sundays in Romsey Town Centre or why not pop online to her shop if you can’t get to Romsey and find yourself something really special. Just click on the picture and it will take you right to her store.


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