Stay Safe, Stay Positive and Craft with the kids

Stay Safe post

During this time of isolation across the world, we all share one thing in common and that is a need for each other. Many of us are fortunate to have our family around us and we may joke and wish that they weren’t sometimes, but really, we treasure the time we have with them. The kids can get bored easily though so it is important that we as Parents, Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles do things to keep them entertained, whether that be in person or via the internet.

Kerri and I are always looking for new ways to craft or paint or sew, knit, draw, bake etc. You may have seen our recent paint challenge or baking of our birthday cake via the internet- it sure keeps us sane…or some might argue that we are far from it- haha. We of course work well together because we have a little bit of craziness.

Recently, I bought a String Art Rainbow from String ArT and Me on our marketplace, and set myself the challenge of completing it within 12 hours. I managed it (just) and am pretty pleased with the result. Here is Natalie’s (String ArT and Me) compared to mine. Obviously, she’s the expert. You can buy your kit here to do your own with older kids.

It’s certainly a challenge for the older kids to help with (or just challenge yourself!)

Another fun idea to have with the kids as it is also nearing Easter, is an Easter Egg mug – available on our marketplace too. Simple fun to have with the younger ones and of course, some yummy chocolate to go with it!

Do It Yourself Easter Bunny Mug

There are so many wonderful ideas on Pinterest too- why not pop to our Pinterest page and check out the Stay Safe board.

Don’t forget the old favourites too- Rice Crispy chocolate baskets, Salt Dough, Toilet roll monsters (Now we know you will have plenty of those to use) Egg box characters, cards and many many more.

Have fun Crafting with the kids and be sure to tag us in your crafting fun and we’ll share some along the way.

Stay Safe everyone, keep smiling and Craft. Much love, Kate and Kerri xxx

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