Arty Amble Full Feature


Part of the great Summer Share- The Arty Amble is a way for you to be able to sell and share your makes to the outer world at a distance- either via your front window, garden or a space you choose. Display your makes for people to come and view without you having to stand near them- have your prices and webshop/contact details on display so that they have a way of getting in touch and to see all your makes. Leave business cards accessible for people.

Full feature of your handmade business- including a quarter page image and all website/shop details -along with a brief bio of you and your business- needed before 22nd June very latest in order for us to add it to the booklet.

You will be listed on the map so that people can come along to your front garden/window to view your Art/Makes (at a safe distance to you)

Arty Amble July 1st -31st

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