Covid-19 Guidance

Please take time to read our Covid-19 guidance below. You can also download a PDF.


Covid guidance at the markets


  1. Mask up! – Masks are there to protect not just yourself but others as well. Although they are mandatory when entering buildings and not when outside, we are asking that you wear your Masks when approaching the stalls.
  2. Social distancing posters – These are all around the market to remind and encourage everyone to keep to the recommended guidelines. When approaching stalls please remember to give others space and continue to practice social distancing.
  3. Visiting stall holder friends/family – If you are visiting someone you know at the market, please keep in mind that if you are standing in front of the stall it will be difficult for potential customers to make their purchases; we ask that you are mindful of this.
  4. Moving around the market – Please pay attention to the flow of traffic around the market and use the hand gel that is available around the market.
  5. Payments – Some stall holders can take cash, but many have changed payment systems to enable contactless card payments, it is best to have both with you at the market but please use hand gel before and after handling cash.
  6. Hand Gel – Please use hand gel before touching anything and always ask the stall holders permission to touch any products that they are selling. All traders will have hand gel available on their stalls.

Please do not come to the Market if you:

  • Are feeling unwell or are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Have been in close contact with anyone who has been sick or is currently sick, is being tested, or has been diagnosed with COVID 19.
  • Have travelled outside of the country within the last 2 weeks.

Please be patient and respectful of all other customers & vendors. It may not be the same shopping experience you have had in the past, but we all need to have patience during this time to ensure the protection of all those visiting and selling at the Market.

As always, we appreciate your continued support.

Thank you,

Kerri & Kate

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