Oct 2019 – Feature Vendor Peppa’s Pinnies

Charlotte Holtom-Birch is our newest feature vendor with her gorgeous and utterly unique pinnies. Every baker should have one!

Charlotte gives us the low down here on the hows, whys and whens… (comments in bold are from us)

My name is Charlotte, aka Peppa and in the little spare time I get, I spend it sewing, fabric shopping and baking. In my non spare time I am a flight instructor. Sewing brings me back down to earth – quite literally.

Where did it all start?

I was introduced to sewing at a very young age by my Mother. One of the first things I remember making with her was a cushion for my Grandmother – I can see it now, it was a bird design based on the flying ducks everyone had on their walls in the 1970’s. It was grey and quilted – truly awful, but my Grandmother cherished it for years.

Since then I have picked up and put down sewing lots. I even did a degree specialising in costume design and sewing.

I found since being so academic with work now, it has been such an enjoyment to be creative in my spare time.

I have always loved baking too so the 2 linked together well! I found myself in a constant mess from baking so one day I made my own pinny- that’s quite simply how Peppas Pinnies was born (the name however is for another story!) (we can’t wait to hear that… )


Peppa’s Pinnies has only been going for around 18 months.

I made the original pattern myself, which has slightly changed over the time. I have also made pinnies using recycled jeans/trousers and from fabric that would have ended in landfill. I also make and sell bunting that is used from my scrap lengths and anything left over from that is used at stuffing for some future projects I have going on! I try to have zero waste. (Thumbs up)

Not one of my pinnies are the same, I mix and match different fabrics, trims etc so they all end up one of a kind.

I’ve just recently branched into custom orders and Children’s Pinnies too, they are very time consuming but have proved to be a big hit, and also thinking of making a men’s/boys range.

I’m hoping to continue growing PeppasPinnies, I love what I do and want to share it with everyone!

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