Kathryn Morley

Primary Craft

Silver jewellery and repurposed textiles.








I’ve been playing around with silver for nearly ten years now. It began with not being able to find the type of thing that I wanted to wear and becoming increasingly frustrated. Eventually I decided that I would design and make what I wanted instead. People liked what they saw me wearing, and it developed from there. All the silverwork that I do is inspired by natural objects. Fossils, shells, acorns, anything that grabbed my attention really. Wanting to add some colour, I began using semi-precious gemstones along with the silver which was great fun and meant that I could design sets with earrings and pendants. Next on the list was learning how to gold plate so that I could highlight entire pieces, or parts of them. The textiles side is completely different! I hate the idea of clothes being thrown out when they get worn out, and that was especially true after my Dad died. I wanted to be able to hang on to his shirts, and gradually began to look at ways to reinvent them. Using ties as well as shirts, I now make cushions with a variety of designs on the front. Pencil rolls were then added into the range. For these, I look at whatever pieces of clothing I happen to have left over and see if I can rework it to make something useful. I’m still evolving and hope to be able to add to the portfolio of techniques that I have learned. Come with me and enjoy the adventure!
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