Elizabeth Tanner

Primary Craft

Crochet, Knitwear and Craft Kits using Hand Spun and Sustainably Sourced Yarns and Fibres


The Spotted Dog – A TAIL OF YARN






As a child I was more interested in an unwanted bag of textile scraps and unused ends of yarn than in a shop full of sparkly new stuff; I didn’t like the idea of materials going to waste and I loved the challenge of ‘Making Something out of Nothing’.  Half a century on and I am still passionate about yarn and sourcing materials sustainably, and equally enthusiastic about keeping traditional crafts alive in an ever-changing world. To allow my yarn to stand out I keep designs simple; my products and kits feature: * Yarn I process and hand spin from locally sourced sheep’s wool combined with sustainably sourced textile and mill waste * Zero Waste equipment and textiles in kits and packaging * ..and bespoke textured yarn plied from unused and unwanted tails of yarn.
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