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terina lewisFramed
Tracey SmithHand decorated pots/crates+44 7769 928203Crafty hand decorate different sizes pots and wooden crates, using a decoupage technique that looks like the decoration is painted. No two are the same and each one is lovingly made to a high standard.
Leah-Anne BottChildren’s Books and Toys07733235950Wagging Talesleah.bott03@gmail.comwww.waggingtales.ukIn a normal house in Southeast England, lives a very clever, very handsome, very silly dog with a very special job, and his best friend… that’s me. I’m Leah-Anne and that’s Leeson the dog. We’ve been writing books together to try and raise autism awareness and to educate people how assistance dogs can do more than guide people who are blind. As a 17-year-old with autism, I can find it hard to navigate the world but Leeson makes it a whole lot easier. This is why we created Annie and Alfie, they’re here to share our experiences and reassure those who are struggling that our differences are what unites us.
Gemma HeathHandmade Fabric Name to Crimpolina! I create beautiful handmade fabric name letters which provide the perfect personalised gift or statement piece in your home. Thank you for supporting my small handmade business xx
Emma WalkerBead embroidery – beaded and embroidered treasuresDewCatDesignsemma@dewcatdesigns.comdewcatdesigns.comI love tiny beads! My inner magpie loves their delicate sparkly nature, and I love using them to create bead-embroidered treasures for your delight and delectation! Each hand-beaded item I make generally takes between 2 and 3 hours’ work to complete, and often over 200 tiny beads can go into each one. I love the order and rhythm of the hand-beading process, sewing each individual bead to create unique and beautiful pieces for you. If you have an idea in mind for a special bead-embroidered piece, I’d love to hear from you! All of my items are meticulously created. Due to the hand-made nature of my work, each item will always be a little unique, making it all the more special! FAQs: * Yes, I do have lots of patience 😉 * And yes, thankfully, I also still have pretty good eyesight. * I also love cats (I have two – Ash & Cinders), and chocolate (specifically Cadburys). When I’m not either beading or working my day job, you’ll probably find me acting as the primary cat servant, reading, pottering in the garden, or curled up in front of my favourite season-du-jour.
Jackie HartwellHandmade jewellery01202 540608Love Your Rocksjackiehartwelllyr@gmail.comloveyourrocks.comHandmade jewellery designed and made in my home studio in Poole. I love working with Freshwater pearls but also feature semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and pearls and sterling silver in my designs. I enjoy working with my clients to create affordable everyday jewellery to complement their lifestyle.
Sharon ManzurCards, Pictures, posters and T-shirts07493210326Tom’s Dragonssrmanzur@aol.comHi Everyone I have been drawing dragons since I could hold a pencil. I love them because they gave me confidence to go out and start exploring the world. Over the last 10 years I have studied art and graphic design and I am now ready to share my dragons with you. Over the next few months I will be showing my work and will be releasing new products. I will also be selling some items at the markets and look forward to meeting you all to talk about my world of dragons. Before the lockdown I was working with a publisher and I hope to publish my first story book soon so please watch this space.
Angie & Robin Macmillanceramics02380787850Macmillan & Robin are both potters making unique ceramic items. Robin specialises in hand built pots and Angie makes more sculptural pieces. We make a variety of earthenware, stoneware and porcelain pieces at affordable prices.
Elizabeth TannerCrochet, Knitwear and Craft Kits using Hand Spun and Sustainably Sourced Yarns and Fibres07720255137The Spotted Dog – A TAIL OF a child I was more interested in an unwanted bag of textile scraps and unused ends of yarn than in a shop full of sparkly new stuff; I didn’t like the idea of materials going to waste and I loved the challenge of ‘Making Something out of Nothing’.  Half a century on and I am still passionate about yarn and sourcing materials sustainably, and equally enthusiastic about keeping traditional crafts alive in an ever-changing world. To allow my yarn to stand out I keep designs simple; my products and kits feature: * Yarn I process and hand spin from locally sourced sheep’s wool combined with sustainably sourced textile and mill waste * Zero Waste equipment and textiles in kits and packaging * ..and bespoke textured yarn plied from unused and unwanted tails of yarn.
Sue MclachlanWatercolours and iPad drawings07818062559Animal Magic Artsue@animalmagicart.comwww.animalmagicart.comAs a Pet Portrait Artist working mainly on commissions I have been in business for 8 years painting watercolours but also drawing iPad drawings using just my finger on the ipad which can be printed in all sorts of different ways. Proud of not only the likeness I achieve, but the customer service I give from choosing a photo to hopefully meeting the pet, updates of the process and finally complete satisfaction which is of the utmost for the customer to have that perfect lasting memory of your best friend. I love my job which I feel really shows in my artwork and feel very lucky to be able to make art full time. My highly detailed paintings are not just something you hang on the wall, they are a reminder of a cherished friend that will be valued for years to come.
betty lloydRecycled fabric and mixed media objects I have made or make with things I have bought or been gifted.07712458975One of Bet’sbetty.lloyd07@yahoo.comI Make from my vintage wool blankets and Vintage cotton sheets that I dye sometimes or embellish. If you check out my instagram or Facebook page One of Bet’s it shows you my past and present makes. If available you can buy from my shop please contact me.
Jacqueline RollsWillow Sculpture and arts07981103704Jacqueline Rolls Willow Sculpture and am a willow sculpture, an artist who lives on the edge of Southampton. As well as providing work for sale I also create work to commission as well as providing various willow sculpture workshops.
Victoria Lapage-NorrisCandles, melts and diffusers07971906152SECRET
Shirley BarterJewellery/Soft toys07808760252Asante was a charity-owned coffee shop in Romsey selling coffee to support a school in Kisumu Kenya. We sold artisan jewellery and soft knitted animals to continue to support the charity. Asante Artisan was set up to continue to sell these items online to support the charity All money collected through Asante Artisan goes directly to support the Life Centre School and are hand-made.
Carolyne VineyFine Art Acrylic, Mixed Media, Watercolour, Wood07816687934Carolyne Viney
Kathryn MorleySilver jewellery and repurposed’ve been playing around with silver for nearly ten years now. It began with not being able to find the type of thing that I wanted to wear and becoming increasingly frustrated. Eventually I decided that I would design and make what I wanted instead. People liked what they saw me wearing, and it developed from there. All the silverwork that I do is inspired by natural objects. Fossils, shells, acorns, anything that grabbed my attention really. Wanting to add some colour, I began using semi-precious gemstones along with the silver which was great fun and meant that I could design sets with earrings and pendants. Next on the list was learning how to gold plate so that I could highlight entire pieces, or parts of them. The textiles side is completely different! I hate the idea of clothes being thrown out when they get worn out, and that was especially true after my Dad died. I wanted to be able to hang on to his shirts, and gradually began to look at ways to reinvent them. Using ties as well as shirts, I now make cushions with a variety of designs on the front. Pencil rolls were then added into the range. For these, I look at whatever pieces of clothing I happen to have left over and see if I can rework it to make something useful. I’m still evolving and hope to be able to add to the portfolio of techniques that I have learned. Come with me and enjoy the adventure!
Richard PaulPainting (landscapes)01794 in Romsey I paint the British landscape, from wild beaches to towns, countryside to industry. Its all done in a realistic style, with the aiming of capturing the feel of the place. My paintings are sometimes influenced by great art of the past – which you may be able to spot.
Lynn CurtissColoured pencil drawing07766589242Lynn Curtiss Coloured Pencil Artistlynn.curtiss@virginmedia.comHi, I am a coloured pencil artist based in Timsbury. I mainly focus on producing portraits of your gorgeous pets (although I am always open to a challenge if you have a specific request!). Ideal as a special gift or a memorial portrait of those beloved pets no longer with us. I work from good, clear, well lit favourite photos using only high quality materials for a lasting product.
Kate HaywardGifts and Cards07841374391Greetings and am Kate and I make cards and gifts using fimo clay and freestyle watercolours
Silke BridgmanCreatures made of felt and wool07973505998made@the hilltop at the Hilltop Barn makes beautiful hand made creatures in the form of gifts, accessories and decorations. All the items here are the work of Silke Bridgman, who hand makes every item to make sure every one is special and beautifully made. As you would expect, Silke’s workshop is at The Hilltop Barn, Hampshire. If you have any questions, or would like to commission a piece, please get in touch
Anna KubisiakAromatherapy Soy Candles & Room candles and room diffusers are vegan friendly, cruelty free made using 100% natural eco soy wax blend with finest and certificated essential and natural oils. No chemistry, no pollution. Our candles and room diffusers can be sniffed and inhaled safely. All for You, for Your children and pets. Because You deserve it. Uniquessence will bring to your home fresh, natural and unique scents. Beautiful stylish designs will add a luxury touch to your room. Sophisticated and Unique essence will turn you to a wonderful mood. All we can truly say is you won’t be disappointed with either the quality, stylish design or nice strong aroma. Made with Love xxx
LANA COURTNEYHandcrafted natural soapBuds and Petals Artisan make natural soap in small batches in a traditional way with respect to natural ingredients I use. All my soaps are a little pieces of art and make a beautiful gift for any occasion.
Lucy MundellFabric07979102149Lucys
Rosie TayleureJewellery07825795566RosiesDreamsrosiesdreamspa@gmail.comHandmade beaded and festival jewellery made all by Rosie in the heart of the New Forest
Megan am a Romsey-based textile artist. I make hand embroidered earrings and pendants. Custom work is possible. Please email for more information.
Mike HaywardPhotography (Landscapes primarily)Allscape Photosmike@allscapephotos.comwww.allscapephotos.comI’m Mike and am a semi-professional photographer in Romsey. My main area is Landscapes, but I also do commercial and portrait photography.
Monica FulfordChildren’s books07512212358Mica’s first memory is of a whiskery nose breathing into her face. Her mother said she was crying in her pram in the orchard, when an old pony ambled over and stuck his head into the pram, whereupon she stopped crying. Her love of horses grew from that day and when the family moved to the New Forest, she was delighted to discover a riding school just a short walk away from their farm.

Her parents afforded riding lessons by bartering loads of hay with the riding school, where she spent every spare moment helping to muck out, clean tack and groom the ponies. But Mica really wanted her own pony and nagged her parents until her beleaguered father eventually told her she couldn’t possibly have one until she was 11. Naturally Mica turned this to her advantage, saying that Daddy had agreed she could have a pony by her eleventh birthday! Her much longed for New Forest mare was lonely so was quickly joined by another and suddenly there were three; the second mare was straight off the forest and in foal.

She and her friends had the most wonderful time with their ponies riding across the New Forest and learning its ways.

Since then Mica’s life has revolved around horses – through her teen years, then teaching her pony mad daughter, and now her granddaughters have all caught the bug. Raising a family, sailing, reading, writing and travelling are subordinate interests.

This series of books, aimed at 8 – 14 year old readers, follow the adventures of three sisters riding their ponies in the New Forest.
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