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kocreations is founded and run by Hampshire-based husband and wife team, Owen and Kay Wales.

“We moved to Hampshire in 2018 to live out our dream of creating a company that makes bespoke, high quality, handmade creations for our customers to enjoy in their own homes. We love the more rural way and all that the countryside brings to enrich our lives”.

Owen creates our bespoke woodwork creations. He qualified as a machine tool engineer back in the early 1980s, before changing path and going into the arboricultural industry. It was during this time when he qualified as a tree surgeon that his passion for trees was nurtured. Wood is sourced from windblown trees and created into one-off pieces that have their own unique individual identity, no two pieces are the same.

His other great passion is the night sky, and from this, we have named our products after the stars.


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Test Valley, England United Kingdom
Test Valley, England United Kingdom

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