July 2019 – Itchy Avocado

Michelle Dennett started Itchy Avocado in 2015. Why is it called Itchy Avocado?

“Well, it’s a funny story” explained Michelle. She was eating an Avocado and you know how messy they can be, she had an itch that she just couldn’t scratch, and Itchy Avocado was born!

Michelle started with cards in 2015 but her idea was proving popular with other makers and she wanted to do something completely different. A friend bought her a blind date book as a gift and Michelle was hooked from thereon, so she started a bookstagram page. She also loves candles and wanted to combine the two; the candles and wax melts are inspired by important elements in the books, be it characters, places, items or things bibliophiles love doing while reading, like drinking coffee. Michelle then takes that element and identifies important things about it, colour, ability, use etc and imagines how it would look to her. She creates the look with colour and glitter sprinkles or mica, then tests a variety of scents which match the look of what she imagines the element to smell like.

For example, ‘Mary’s monster’ is inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.  The candles and melts are dark green with black glitter on the top which represents how we commonly understand Frankenstein’s monster to look like. The scent is a strong, musky, masculine aroma which fits with the monster. Michelle says, “Sometimes I smell a scent and know instantly what it should be and that was certainly the case with Mary’s Monster” adding “It certainly gets people talking”.

Michelle considers collections such as the Hogwarts Houses, all four are fruity scents which have no baring on the houses themselves, but the fruit matches the house colours and they all work well together as a set.

Michelle adds, “It’s important to note that all my products are Vegan friendly”

Finally, if you are wondering as we were what Michelle’s favourite book is, it’s ‘Immortal Life’ by Henrietta Lax. Non-Fiction A candid account by Henrietta who had cervical cancer; doctors took cells without her permission to do research, this led to many medicines being created which have been able to cure many thousands of people worldwide, but no recognition was ever given to her.

Michelle will be at some of the monthly makers markets which are held on the 1st Saturday of each month, with the exception of a few dates we could not book (these are moved on by one week- please check our website for these) If you’d love to order from Itchy Avocado and would like to collect from the Makers Market, simply choose collect at the checkout. Your purchase will then be available at the following makers market.

Article by Kate Hayward

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