Craftcycling- a crafters delight!

Reduce, Re-use & Recycle!

As crafty creative souls, we are always looking for the next amazing learning tool for our crafty minds and this can often empty our pockets of any spare cash. So we’ve started a revolution for recycling all our unused/wanted craft materials.

The brainchild of this operation was a wonderful lady who Kerri and I have the pleasure of knowing, Deanna Hilton, an extremely talented crafter herself, who makes beautiful macrame and has created exquisite leather accessories in the past.

Deanna will be seen often running macrame classes at our markets or at Poppies on the outskirts of Romsey. She is a lovely woman to know and happily let us use this idea and run with it.

The idea…

It’s simple but genius, all you need to do is have a bit of a sort out of your craft/art room ( I know, it’s the dreaded task ) and find all those items you once bought thinking “ooh, I’d like to try that” but then never did try it. Of course you are far too busy now to actually try it, so rather than letting it gather dust or just throwing it away, re-sell it to those who really want or need it.

We will have a section on our marketplace to sell all craftcycling and will have a table and baskets dedicated to this at all our markets. All it will cost you is £3 per basket, per market. You add the price to your goods inside the basket, along with a form we provide which we will then tick off as each item is sold. All the money is then given to you at the end of each day.

Of course, it’s really important that you write the list down because, A: we won’t know if it’s been sold as yours or not and B: we need to be sure to give you the correct money at the end of it. Other than that, it’s simples.

On the marketplace, it’s totally under your control, if you have a shop with us, just add your craftcycling goodies onto your shop and categorise them under craftcycling. That way, everyone wanting to purchase anything we are recycling can go straight to them.

Are you a customer?…

If you are a paying customer, why not pop along to our markets and see what wonderful goodies you can find, or take a look in the shop section of the marketplace here and see what is available. (It will grow over time obviously)

We think this craftcyling revolution will be a fantastic opportunity for all of us, and as an added bonus, it’s helping our planet and our local economy.

Join us, add a little craftcycling to your life!

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